4sq Day officially pronounced in Cincinnati!

Today I had the awesome task of going down to Mayor Mallory’s office and picking up his official proclamation naming April 16th as Foursquare Day here in the Queen City!

And for that, we would like to say Thank you mayor Mallory! On behalf of all the Foursquare Mayors in Cincinnati that the official Mayor of Cincinnati, is behind our cause!

Cincinnati 4sq Mayors, please feel free to leave your thanks in the comments below!

PS. Now that it’s an official “holiday”, lets see if we can’t get some of our local businesses to offer their own 4sqDay special. Kyojin in Mason is already on board, as well as Verizon in Blue Ash, the Sugar Cupcakery in Milford.

There’s also been a party in the works for the afternoon at Fountain Square.


About Mrs Robinson
I'm a little bit random but a whole lot of fun. I spend my days off with my hubby, my 2 cats and my ginormous dog.

5 Responses to 4sq Day officially pronounced in Cincinnati!

  1. Awesome work! May your success be an inspiration for cities the world over!

  2. Wow Rachel! I’m so excited you made this happen and glad that Mayor Mallory made it a reality!

  3. evan cohen says:

    that’s so great! thanks from foursquare! (i’m the general manager)

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